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It used to be a unique food in that eating it would not delay a player's next attack (i.e., zero game ticks to eat), but this is no longer the case. Because of a bug, karambwans were used to "double eat" by eating a shark first, followed by a karambwan quickly after. The player would eat both at once, healing the combined amount. OSRS 1 Tick Cooking - posted in Ask for Help: Hello, Ive been trying to make a perfect 1 tick cooker for OSRS (RuneScape). I cant get the timings right and if I go to slow I miss the GUI window, if I go too fast my character just stands there as the game cannot recognize what Im doing. 1 ticking is the most efficient method to cook and was a meta-game method for rocktails in RS3. Raw karambwan. A raw green octopus.

1 tick karambwan osrs

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Karambwan cooking only takes 1 tick (in opposite to other foods that take 3 at fastest, if you 3-tick cook them). By clicking Karambwan -> Fire -> "Cook one" and repeat, you can cook a Karambwan every game tick. Only possible with AHK because of extreme mouse speeds, also it will give your hand cancer. Still, up to 900k cooking XP/h. I need also a karambwan cooker!

To cook a karambwan, the completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest and 30 Cooking is required.

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Karambwan may refer to: Raw karambwan, a type of octopus caught on Karamja Cooked karambwan, a food item obtained by cooking it Poison karambwan, obtained when raw karambwan is cooked poorly Burnt karambwan, the burnt version of the raw karambwan Karambwan poison, a type of poison previously used on spears and hastae. Karambwan paste, an item previously used to poison spears … 2019-02-18 This Old School RuneScape PK guide has some important, new, or interesting tips that can help you PK in the game. Should you need some OSRS gp for PKing, be sure to head over to the RuneScape gold page for the OSRS gold for sale.

[OSRS] 1-99 Complete Fishing Guide AFK + Efficient Routes P2P

1 tick karambwan osrs

Today's Change 13 + 3% 1 Month Change 93 + 26% 3 Month Change 100 + 29% 6 Month Change 14 + 3% Current Guide Price 589. Today's Change - 5 + 0%. 1 Month Change 145 + 32%. 3 Month Change 111 + 23%. 6 Month Change 79 + 15%. Levels 80-99: Karambwan.

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Cooking is probably the most common skill in which players reach Level 99 first. This is due to the pretty exceptional XP rates, coupled with the fact that commonly used methods often yield a small profit or break even at worst. Karambwan: 65: Never I will link a 3-tick and 2-tick guide at the bottom of this guide. Pro tip before we start.

You can dramatically speed up your fishing by taking fast enough actions within a tick (0.6 seconds)..Because fishing is typically a 5-tick action, tick manipulation can result in a 3-tick action, potentially increasing your experience by 67%.
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Because of a bug, karambwans were used to "double eat" by eating a shark first, followed by a karambwan quickly after. The player would eat both at once, healing the combined amount.

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I had my path chosen for me today on RuneScape - SEblacks

However, this seems to drastically increase the burn rate. As far as I'm aware, yes. I believe it has something to do with the karambwan having two cooking options when you select it and then the range. I just tried it with sharks but no luck. If anyone has insight on this then I would like to hear about it. Levels 90 – 99 1-tick Karambwans Now of course cooking also has a tick manipulation method to get the best experience in the game.

comments by askel12 - Reddit

visningar 1 177 032  Could have been over 1m with a few less mistakes. Realistic amount of mistakes though considering my hand was feeling uncomfortable by the end of this, so I In this OSRS guide I will show you how to setup for tick cooking karambwans. It really is an easy method and it's the best cooking xp in the game right now. Carpal tunnel free way to 1-tick karambwan.

You can do shark > brew (or guthix rest) > karambwan in 1 tick . While catching Karambwan, it's recommended to bring a teleport such as an Amulet of Glory, … With certain foods, it is possible to eat up to 3 things in the same game tick. One of the most commonly used combos is a Shark, then a Brew, and then a Karambwan. The Brew can be replaced with any Potion.